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    Got your VCI (vax) pass? Gonna need it to do business soon…

    10000 or so years ago? by the repilians? ;);)
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    Unchained vs odorcide

    I tried the Clo2 as well. side by side with other products. Used heavy, and according to label instructions. and had opportunity to returns several times to check. Liquid stabilized. Did not work. On uriine. with pad pulled , on sealed concrete.
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    I have an OLD 175 13 inch. with tank, my most used, would no do for commercial , large, wide open areas, but for resid if feel it is a good choice.
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    pest Rob

    Thank You, I guess , what I am asking, is , are there any products that I can use, that will discourage them from the surface. Something I can put on that will last. I have stained it, and fairly recenly, so that does not do it. I guess, what you mean by residual. Not just kill the ones...
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    New site for Proliminator Sunshine?

    I loved it as well... watching I used to get their Deurinizer, and the Proliminator in 5galls . Had them send me labels so I could re-bottle into gallons. Cleanmaster(formally Hydramaster) Multiphase , I have found I liked. and their USR reminds me of Chemeister Deurinizer. I know the...
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    pest Rob

    @rob allen question maybe Rob can address, considering his background, carpet , then pest control then chemical supplier OK ,, carpetnter bees attacking my deck. online, several ways to combat. One, going the natural way is the use of orange oil . Supposedly, they do not like , and...
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    Do you educate clients on their fiber type?

    I try, but with all the polys out there now and their issues with the uglying of walkways, it sounds like we are just making excuses. years and years ago, I was buying some sheet goods for my kitchen. While there at the location which sold all types of flooring , I spoke to the reps about...
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    85% Wool 15% Cotton Dhurrie

    i am not a rug guy. Recenly I got one for a family member, from an estate sale. A flatweave, as i think yours is . I wanted to clean it, but have no real experience doing this. while not worried at all about messing it up, because it was meant as a learning experience for me. I posted pics...
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    Portable with rotovac

    sounds like more of a restoration cleaning for carpet that had been ignored for too long. And you are the lucky one !!!(Kidding) I recently got the 360i with brush head. Man, I am not sure I like that clear tube. Seems to never get to clean .!!! I feel ya.
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    Apple started it, Then @rob allen followed, :p Now Biden !!!LOL!
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    I found, that on these polys , after cleaning and doing a urine treatment, the flourescense is gone. I questioned this a few times, and at some point someone with more knowledge than myself confirmed that it does clean off of those. sort of like nylon or wool vs. a poly or olefin, which...
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    This gets me to doing something really dangerous. Thinking!! LOL Way Way back when new. And discovering the world of IICRC courses. One of the first I took being the carpet cleaning 101, ONe of the Hanks was the teacher. If that tells you how long ago it was. !! But , besides his shoe...
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    Stains coming back! So Weird!

    Yep, all of the above. Part of the equation is how much /large(volume was the original spill. You realitically can not pull it up from below and out of the pad, if it has soaked in. If you apply any moisture, without completely getting all of the offending soil out, as it dries , it will...
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    Residential building

    look like carpet squares. common entry apt. hard to get to,,, , if you can , long hose runs. if porty, then most likely no convenient availabity to access to water. , unless they cooperate, and there happens to be vacant units. Hit and miss all adding up to Cimex or op, or even a...
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    Time to flatten the fear

    I know, Mama should be in Flame Room. !!!! But quite a few are not!! lLOL Seeing mostly using numbers , presented in a certain way to CYA, I believe , mostly without malintent, but definately questionable.