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  • Happy Holidays,
    you mind sharing with me where you got the glide for your SD. Mike the owner of SD said he sells them but dosent recommend them??? Any help or advice would be great I am just getting my 1st SD Classic later today
    I was just curious if you use the SD chemicals they sell? Do you recommend any add-ons or mods to the machine?
    Rock Hill SC
    [email protected]
    Yup bought all my gear, picked up a Steamin Demon, a CRB, a heated Galaxy 5, an Espirit from VS, a Cyclo for doing stairs, and picked up another Dyson (dc28) to use solely for the biz. Although I still have not decided on chems when I get some time I'm going to start ordering samples to try out starting with Crystal Dry. I like their simple approach but I'll see how well their stuff works.
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