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  • Hi, do you use a sebo duo? I'm looking to buy one. Is it a good enough compared to a crb, like brush pro? Thank you, Pat
    Working on a generic copy with simple instructions instead. I decided not to capitalize on this but find a way to share it without having to make a custom app for everyone ;)
    I'll see what I can do within the next few days.
    Richard, I am interested in the spreadsheet I should be able to change the formula myself so if you let me know what the cost will be and to send payment I would appreciate it.

    My email is [email protected]


    It's been working fine for me. We installed it under the counter in the shop for inplant cleaning with a Ninja. It gives a significant boost to temperature and there hasn't been any issues tripping breakers. You just have to remember to turn it off when your done! This item will use up most of a breaker so if you are using it in the customer's home you have to find a circuit that is not being used by anything else or you will trip the breaker.
    I saw your post concerning the HF2000 inline heater and would like a little more input on them...I was thinking of putting it in the last 50 feet before the wand and wanted your opinion.. I have a Bane Clene Paramount in a trailer.
    Richard, have you put more time on the Hoss 700? Using an RX-20 for 24 years now I want to try the Hoss 700. Viewing the may youtube videos on the tool I see the wetting pattern is quite narrow and the staggered design may be a problem as well, in three different user cleaning videos I could see a problem with wetting pattern not being matched with a typical tool travel speed. When slowing down to a snail's pace you got the clean you needed. Your further input?
    Hey Richard, I don't blame you for disliking my post. I don't know but for some reason the post just bothered me. Usually if I don't like something, I just ignore it but this time I had to comment!
    Hi Jeff,
    The conversion to a 2.5" outlet on the Peak increased my CFM by 30%. This meant more extraction at the wand and ultimately better cleaning potential and drier carpets. The downfall to the project was by opening up the airflow from the Peak, I reduced the load on the moter. As a result the motor did not run as hot and I suffered about a 30 degree heat loss at the wand. So, in the end it was a tradeoff.

    As for the HOSS 700, Nobody knew if the HOSS was any good or not, it was too new. I have a lot of confidence in Sapphire and it's engineers, but also am aware that with new comes a learning curve, for them as well as the user of the equipment. I was prepared to invest in that challenge so that I could have an edge on the competition. I think the 360i would perform but it is also made of a much cheaper construction.
    richard thanks for the videos again, had a question about the 2.5 vac hose that you installed on the peak. do you still run that unit and where you happy with it. meaning the 2.5 hose.

    second, the choice on the hoss 700. being a TMF mega poster, did you ever think about the 360i and what made your decission. I am working on my box van and had questions
    Yes, as far as I know Prolon and Procyon are pretty much the same. Both are phosphate based soap free cleaners. Both only work well on carpet with high heat. As for the other products I guess it depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for more detailed info on chemical composition, perhaps Scott Warrington can help, he is more into the chemistry.
    Hi, I was reading some threads and came across one of your posts. how do you know procyon is the same as bridgepoint's prolon? which procyon product is it's equivalent? do you know what other procyon/bridgepoint chems are equivalent. been reading up on a lot of chems recently. chemspecs DFC line sounds very similar, almost verbatim language, to Planet Guard's line
    Cool, It wasn't me though, it was probably my tech Justin. He does most of the "on the road" work while I run the detailing/rug shop here in Meaford. Stop by sometime for a visit. Whatcha doin in Collingwood? That's a long ways from Woodstock!

    That van is still for sale! I know you were looking a while ago! :p
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