Rich Cleaner

I built my first business in Anchorage, AK using Joe Polish's marketing system and made $365K per year with two full-time carpet cleaning vans, and cleaning airducts part time.

After selling that business to get out of the harsh cold, I started another carpet cleaning from scratch in Bend, OR and - again using Joe's strategies - and built up a single van operation to $135K per year. Simultaneously I consulted for our Anchorage buyers and helped my brother start a successful carpet cleaning business using Piranha techniques in Roseville, CA.

After selling my Bend, OR business I am now consulting through Piranha Marketing and Joe Polish, and helping to spread the word about how well this stuff can work to grow ANY business.

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Joel Cohen
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17 Years Carpt Cleaning until July of 2011
Prochem and White Magic
Piranha Marketing
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Carpet Cleaning Marketing Consultant




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