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    This just happened. Grabbed my phone to video

    I watched homemade cargo trailer snap and fall apart right in front of me once.
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    Do YOU Stay In Touch With Estimates?

    It depends on what they say when the estimate was done. I've followed up as many as 5-10 times and as few as none. We did a $1300 job a few weeks ago that was estimated back in July.
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    Show Us Your Nasty Dumps!

    Did you rig up a cap so your don't need to unscrew the cap each time?
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    Show Us Your Nasty Dumps!

    I have know clue what the stuff coming out of my waste tank looks like 95%+ of the time. It goes straight through a hose into the sewer clean out in my lawn.
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    Do YOU Have A Big $$ Ticket Strategy?

    I really like the idea. Thanks!
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    BioBreak Sale

    I didn't get any coupons in the mail recently.
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    What's the definition of "household income"?

    Gross income (not to be confused with gross sales) of everyone living in the house.
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    NEW BUSINESS, Need HELP, Lot of questions

    Hey, at what point (if any) $ or total sf do you drop pricing or apply a discount? In other words are you still charging those prices for those large $750+ jobs?
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    Quick books report help

    No. Desktop version.
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    Quick books report help

    How can I get a list of customers and address with actual jobs (invoiced or theoretically payment made) and not just everyone entered as a customer?
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    why is your company different ?

    Agree so much it is part of our name!
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    How many jobs a day?

    We average 2-3 $325 jobs. Busy times we sometimes run 4 job days.
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    Carpet protector

    After I apply it collect a check and call them 6 months later to see if they are ready for another cleaning.
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    I used the op method on a greasy restaurant

    We used our cm50 at a deli that we clean monthly. Stopped by the next morning to take a look and it looked as good or better than when we clean using hwe. Next month we will try different product and pads and see what works best.
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    cancelation fee

    As far as I can remember I have had only one job where I showed up and they weren't there. It was a church I have cleaned for in the past and the caretaker was in the hospital the week before and forgot I was coming. He felt horrible and wanted me to tack on extra when we came out the following...