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    Last week my brother's Carpet Cleaning Company had a lot of engine issues and it messed things up. Neither of us were able to get to any of our previously booked appointments and it was just a rough week. We tried renting for the week and couldn't find any trustworthy company to help us. We...
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    Urgent Advice - Should I Buy A Cimex Machine If I already Own 2 Trinity OP Machines?

    It all really depends on your budget and plans for your business. No doubt it will help you out and make you more versatile, wouldn't be abad move
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    Which trailer should I buy?

    Between 12-16. You'll be doing well either way, but bigger the better!
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    Complete this sentence-I started my business because...

    Because I was sick of being told what to do all the time
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    I used to do work like this where I would bring those who need their carpets cleaned to a specific business and I would suggest letting them know you're serious by sending them off a couple and then as you build the relationship and they see how much money you are bringing them you make a...
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    Boat Carpet

    I've done that myself and it's real easy to deal with. Not much to worry about there