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    JAN- have duo mount-plumbed my aqaumount into base unit threw relief valve(ran without relief valve) second job in(light shag) my electrical motor overheated and shut down- any suggestion(the cfm's sound like a jet engine) thanks abe
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    bane clene oem stators

    2 for $125.00 this included freight. abe
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    bane clene stators

    just made a great buy on moyno pump stators 2 for 145.00 includes frght in lower 48
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    bane clene floor tool replacment? best option!

    looking for advice on replacing the bane clene 12" 3 jet floor tool. I run 150psi-truck mount thank you abe
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    How much is everyone paying for your Truckmount Insurance?

    make sure to get in writing 1)pay out less deductible on van! 2) pay out on equipment less deductible!! my insurance company would pay me the trade in value on my carpet cleaning equipment-and the van pretty much the same as personal auto good luck ps my insurance bill this year 4800.00 workmans...
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    Checked out Bane-Clene's head quarters here in Indy the other day.

    bane clene dou mount 12000 hours,1997 model-replaced---one electric motor,rebuilt water pump once a year(needed or not),replaced one floor tool(file the lip flat once and awhile-too improve vac)replaced all solution lines once, replace all the brass once a year(don't use there chemicals...
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    jan- I have the 1997 duo mount-could I plumb my aquo mount into the relief valve on the base unit? this tmf forum is great 17 years cleaning carpet and this makes it exciting again abe
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    Checked out Bane-Clene's head quarters here in Indy the other day.

    go to murphy's with dan willis next time~~~~ tell dan- abe told you
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    What would you charge?

    .34 per sq ft / 2.00 per step then discount 10% for empty!!!! pet problems above and beyond that $$$
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    THOUGHT I Heard it ALL!..........

    the red flags poped twice with this guy!!! his time more important than yours??? twice???? one rebook cool-two good bye!!!
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    Bane clene Vacuum flashing question.

    I been using a good air tool oil for 13 years on some blower and vacuum is great yet
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    question on flushing the vacuum system on bane clene

    jan-please send me more info thanks abe