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    Electric TruckMount and porty must see LOL

    I designed and built the Vortex Amplifier. I will probably change the name, but as the name implies, that is what it does. I quickly realized that Roots or PD type blowers were limited, and "the bigger the better" wasn't the answer I was searching for- so I did my own thing and to the best of...
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    Electric TruckMount and porty must see LOL

    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I took a couple of years off to build the Holy Grail of Carpet Cleaning.
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    I heard

    John copies all his Mytee big inventions from post on TMF... 1000 inventions stolen by 1%...
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    TREX..............RX 20............360i

    LOL the last shoot out they all got beat be the Trinity... Trinity CM Tour in Phoenix, Arizona, Carpet FabriCare Institutes Best Cleaner Competition - YouTube
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    I heard

    For me to do so will put Duane and Les at an unfair advantage. I gave you a general heading, let the boat sail it's course...
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    I heard

    Myth- there is a direct correlation, those who know don't tell... But you were close...
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    I heard

    I would agree... I have yet to see a manufacture to "actually know how to decipher" the blower specifications... Closest we got in this century was Kevin Wang... Nick was close... Just Sucking Air my Friends...
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    I heard

    Every single machine produced with the circuit finding light is a fire hazard, and death trap waiting to happen.... It is outright disrespectful and if someone were to die via electrocution, criminal... A persons life is worth more than a 1 cent diode... Mytee- Build more safety protection in...
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    Crevice tools testers

    I have one... Two words... Vac Release... It don't have one.
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    OP MACHINES are they on their way OUT?

    Orbot= nice looking junk. They Look nice, but the cam offset is weak... Just like a big Oreck Trinity has the best/smoothest cam offset in this type of machine... Come on guys think about it... The longer the stroke....
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    Help with my auto pump out valve

    Pure engineering Junk, what ever you do, if you don't use it keep it caped... Bubbles from the bottom of the tank= water in the blower...
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    I heard

    or run from all his patent infringements...
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    Coupler or belt system for TM

    Depends on blower size... anything over 36...Belts
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    Cat pump 1XP VS Pumptec

    My main concern with the smaller pumptec is it's a DC motor that uses an AC inverter that is intermittent rated- I would imagine the duty cycle to be in the high 70-80%. I like the pumptec because of the low amp draw and high GPM it delivers, but if you run close to or above max rating it will...
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    Solution Dyed Nylon Question

    It's not two different batches of carpet, carpet pile always lies in the direction of manufacture. Usually the 1st piece is cut A-B. Then the second (fill piece B-C) can be quite a distance away from the end of the first piece and so on. Roll crush is the culprit as the closer to the center...