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  • before I leave just curious to see if their are any extraction jobs left to go around?? I appreciate it thank you
    When you get into the rubber coupler you can call if you need a little help. I had that problem but i took it lightly. I know better now. Also Rob Allen runs that particular machine so he might be able to help too. I just know that the Machine I run is the original and ELDIABLO is a copy of a still great and old model machine.

    Harrington Steam Cleaning
    I live in somerset co. sorry dont know of anyone in the the family by that name i will ask my grandfather if it is someone that we are not close with and let you know. where do you live now Jim?
    Hey Russell, what part of NJ are you from? im orig from NJ.. do you have a relative named Dennis by any chance? i knew a Dennis Calderone from Kearny, NJ when i was a kid. i lived in Kearny, NJ and Ocean County NJ.
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