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    VLM questions?

    super easy. steps in order: 1. prevac like a mutha 2. apply chemical 3. scrub brush on 175 immediately. 4. wait 15-20 minutes. 5. use cotton bonnet to absorb as much as possible. 1 side per room. 6. post vac just before leaving.
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    Where I've been & How things are going.

    yeah I'm tearing through TMF to refresh my mind and spark creativity. I have a only fire in my belly right now. :) Thanks for the tip!
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    Where I've been & How things are going.

    He is great! Thanks for asking!! he's a year and half, it is crazy. I am getting work from the local tech school around here. one of my jobs last week was a few office chairs that they wanted clean. I just used a spotting tool and took my time. if you have any advice on landing commercial...
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    Where I've been & How things are going.

    if by "porn career" you mean my x wife then yes, it did take off. with half my chit! :D
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    Where I've been & How things are going.

    I took a job offer making more money than I have ever made in my entire life. I lost sight of the entrepreneurship dream! Things got comfy and then BAM. No job. I wasn't willing/able to relocate. So I'm back in the game 100%. I can go get a job any day. (and I might have to if this doesn't go...
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    Selling Commercial Work Door To Door

    I've always liked your systematic approach to your business. Thanks Shane!
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    Cheapest way to ship a item??

    what company are you buying from?
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    Customer Said Don't Worry About That Stain

    I don't believe half the bragging on here about "how I stood up to that crusty custy" :)
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    Avg. job completion

    $260 and 3.5-4 hrs if no strain treatment.
  10. Ray Thomas

    How much do you do a day cleaning carpets?

    200.00 a day. just starting out :) figured I shouldn't be ashamed of where I'm at. edit: this is my GOAL
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    One of those days....listen to your inner voice

    Today I learned I can't encap house boats. I learned not to use a vacuum cleaner with ANY moisture present and also that my variable speed makita will break after bogging down the motor. Also, my (over priced) $60 sprayer broke. using the cheapo one now... Yeah and that houseboat job was 1.5 hrs...
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    Haunted Homes?

    HAHa oh my god I'm an idiot. Carry on. I'm going to disappear for a while hahaha