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  • Question concerning Tile & Grout cleaning. Does anyone have any suggestions on pricing large school cafeteria's or auto dealership showroom floors? What kind of pricing per sq ft is typical for cleaning an 8000 sq ft school cafeteria floor or a 10,000 sq ft auto dealership showroom floor? The school we are looking at is wanting us to come in every 3 or 4 months to maintain the tile floor.
    Need advice on pricing tile cleaning in a car dealership with 10,000 sq ft of tile. The main concern from the manager is pricing. The last time someone cleaned the tile ithe grout was back to being dirty in a matter of months. I was asked to do a test area to see how long it would stay clean but I told him that it would be an unfair assessment because when the surrounding dirty tiles are mopped each night the water in the dirty grout lines will just travel over to the clean area and make it dirtier faster.

    I was considering working out a pricing deal of $1000/month and service the dealership every 3 months for the cost of what one good cleaning at .40/sq ft would cost him and the dealership would be significantly cleaner year round. I'm considering pre spraying with an alkaline cleaner--minimal grout scrubbing--and basically just using the SX-12 tool to clean the tiles which should make the floor far cleaner than his current daily mopping with dirty water is doing.
    Does anyone have any experience with an American Cleaning Systems 4100 truck mount? I am looking at 2 used Vans right now. One has the ACS 41000 and the other has a prochem blazer GT--both with about 750 hrs.
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