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    List your most effective advertising

    Shane, do you hire out your cold calling for B2B or do you train and hire in house?
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    List your most effective advertising

    1. Google SEO 2. Cold Calling 3. Google PPC 4. Referrals 5. Local shoppers paper
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    Sapphire 370 CFM at wand

    Dunno, we get tons of heat and vac with our 370's
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    Insurance needed....

    Got it, have always had marine insurance on all our mounts over the past 24 years.
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    Insurance needed....

    Hey guys, we are looking to change our current insurance coverage for our GL and our WC. Can any of you guys recommend a good agent in GA that actually understands our business and how it works, so tired of dealing with dipshit insurance agents who don't understand basic business and the ins...
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    Quick question..

    thanks for the info, this was a flood we had in our own home, we did some of the post work ourselves to offset our deductible, thanks again.
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    Quick question..

    What is the standard pricing in exactimate for final carpet cleaning, adding microban after a flood and final wipedown? We had one in our house and we are taking care of the final carpet cleaning and adding antimicrobial as well as the final wipedown to bill insurance company. Our contractors...
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    Rotovac 360i for sale - cheap

    This 360i has been used maybe 15-20 times. We really prefer wand cleaning in our operation. It includes the following: 1. 1 regular carpet cleaning head with teflon glides 2. 1 carpet cleaning head with brush and teflon glides 3. 1 360i rotovac cleaning unit Picture attached Price: $850...
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    Looking for new PPC company

    We are looking to hire a new google ppc company or rep for our company. Any recommendations appreciated. You can post here or pm me with details. Looking to make a move quickly. We do not need any landing pages as we have our own. No call rail needed and no conversion tracking needed as we...
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    Jon Don Encap Sollutions

    Their double strength encap, Scotts TUFF, pros choice brush and bonnett....all good stuff.
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    TMF Summer Beach Party!

    Robo babe bot?? ^^^^^^^