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    ASA Speed drying stairs...

    I use my snail fans(drieaz)3 different angle settings.
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    ASA Paying a mechanic...

    After he drinks that 6 pack he will "flash" you.....:very_drunk::D
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    ASA FSR, does it work?

    If you are using OSR then I assume you know not to use too hot of water?As far as how much to use,I add 3 scoops and 2-3 onces of citrus in with my prespray.Use a glideless wand to get closer to the baseboard.You can also try it in a spray bottle without the pretreat.
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    ASA Can you mix

    Hey Yimmy,stop trying to mix anything and everything just to save a step in those trailers.Dont you remember what happen to your out house last time?
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    ASA FSR, does it work?

    More like 40 vol peroxide or a powder like OSR will work.The problem with Oxyclean, are the other ingredients.
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    ASA FSR, does it work?

    Try a little oxy and citrus solve mixed.
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    Natural Stone Care help

    Hey Rob,just want to say that your stone scrub is a great product. PS- thanks Tyler
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    ASA who is going ? next trade show

    I dont think I will make it this year(maybe the one in January)......and you guys keep an eye on Coop,after 2 of those 4% beers,he starts getting googley for them street people:p
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    ASA who is going ? next trade show

    I was under the impression that you never left..ha...I heard Casino Royal banned you from dollar beer nights.;)
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    ASA it's a fine line indeed.

    You quit going to family gatherings cause they was making fun of you cuz you get Mani-Pedi's.
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    ASA Your thoughts on this Chemical

    Jimmy is right...stuff smells like pestidside,but dont throw it away,it can be useful on commercial and olly/poly stuff.Kleenline is not bad...I would add my citrus to it and give it a try,I think you can buy it by the pound.(we can)...Have you tried yellow gold?
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    ASA Pre Spray Boosters

    (on the advice of the nice Kevin) I was talking to a Martin the other day(not the female one here):)
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    ASA Judson O2 systems

    You could have tried yellow gold for 125.00 delivered.But IDGAS
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    ASA Judson O2 systems

    I use Yellow Gold from Nick(powder) and it works great for me at even lower dilution rates.Are you really going to sit here(Merty) and tell a guy what works best for him?You sound like a hen. Joe,please dont encourage him to be more of an ass than he already is.
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    ASA How agressive would you be ????

    What do you mean?It should be unsanded this what you speak of?