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    Do you wear a mask at every job?

    Plus i wear black nitrate gloves to every job pre and post covid
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    Do you wear a mask at every job?

    Work just started picking up again we have ben letting clients know ahead of time to keep distance (staying other areas of home not being cleaned) or preferably not be home during the cleaning during the actual cleaning. Personally i hate wearing the masks and agree labor intensive job and hot...
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    Plague inc is very addicting and educational hungry shark is really fun and helps kill time. Only problem is i catch my self stuck playing for hours chain smoking
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    I practically live in my garage now, exercise playing plague inc. And Hungry shark. Playing with the kiddos. On a side note any one having trouble sleeping? Ive ben having trouble sleeping stay up till 4-6am
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    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    @sbsscn can you pm direct link for grant/forms thank you
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    Vacuum question 2 stage- 3stage

    Thanks jim i was hoping to get your input. Installing as we speak
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    Vacuum question 2 stage- 3stage

    I have my second porty mytee m16 had 2 hp 2 stage vacuums, 1 of the vacuums failed on me (too much foam) my question is i have a spare 3 stage ametek 3 stage vacuum, any problems running a 2 stage and a 3stage. Ive heard guys run it that way in series but im running parrallel.
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    Advice for "new to me" portable

    None of those porties in the pics are good and deff cant run a rx20 with good results. Get you a portable with atleast 2 3 stage vacs. Prefferably 500psi adjustable. Or atleast 220psi. For 800-1000 range start shopping for a mytee or sandia. Possibly even a namco husky. I started with a...
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    I just got shut down by the police for cleaning at 6 PM!

    Get a portable and leave it inside, yeah 6 pm is bullshit asshole cop threatening jail over a noise complaint at 6 is insane
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    Truckmount/Carpet Extraction Vacuum Hose Special

    Is there any way to get pricing without having to call/email? Tijuana?
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    Scott Warrington's Retirement

    @Scott W , congrats truelly a stand up guy with excellent advice, i always look forward to hearing what scott has to say on different subjects, hopefully you will continue to post on tmf. Scott is the encyclopedia of carpet cleaning
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    Are Mytee spinners any good? tile and grout cleaning

    I use mytee spinner really like it but ive never tried another spinner so limited in opinion. If your working with lower psi its ideal
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    Favorite Vacuum For Low Pile/ CGD Carpets?

    I use proteam as well. Some people are raving about the work horse