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    Unique business situation, how much should I ask to sell?

    I know you may not want to spend the money but you can get a business assessment. The other option is just to throw it up on BizBuySell.
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    Wood Restoration

    Anyone doing wood restoration?
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    Best Method For Roof Cleaning

    Softwash system
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    How'd you get started in cleaning industry?

    I started a mobile notary business using GMB for all of my leads, then started looking for other niches.
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    How did you come up with your business name?

    I always look at online branding before deciding on a name, specifically the domain name and competition.
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    Featured Shortages across the US

    There are a large number of products in the commercial cleaning industry with shortages, even sh. It's not surprising when the economy was partially shut down for so long, it just creates a bigger demand when re-opening.