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  • get some soils and oils encap from Joe, go to your local pool and spa store and get their hydrogen peroxide based product for pools it will be 27% peroxide, I got a gallon for 14.40 and it dilutes 2.25 quarts distilled water, to 1 quart 27 % and then you only need 2- 4 oz per hydroforce metered with the yellow tip 9 to one I believe.
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    Joe Bristor has a forum and sells very effective cleaning products. I tried trashed green label and it worked but had an odor that smelled like dirt. 55 a gallon plus shipping that's a rip off.
    Hey Chris,
    I was reading your post about how well yard signs are working for you. Could you share with me what yard signs you use and what they say that give you a great return on them

    Thanks again!!

    Chris Rojas
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