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    Home made hose vacuum hose reel

    If it works then thats all you need made my first reel for my power cords when I ran a goliath. Looks like a space saver also, bit plus1
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    Rotovac 360XL VS. Mytee T-Rex

    Here are better pictures, having them worked on for advertising already.
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    Rotovac 360XL VS. Mytee T-Rex

    Ordered flexstar as well, cant wait to try it. RV sucked on CGD tried it 3 times worked once going really slow took to long when it did work
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    Rotovac 360XL VS. Mytee T-Rex

    Im in palmdale, I met you at the show in Las Vegas. I have another business where I sell tools to many distributors across the country. I just picked up a Mytee Trex, WOW. I love my Rotovac been going for 7 yrs but this is another level. They both have their pros and cons. Cleaned my house...
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    Extra dry pass is your best bet without adding anything or slower dry pass. Also check you are not losing any suction along the way, filter, filter basket... Are you emptying your basket regularly? We do after every job sometimes up to 3 per job on the nasties and we have a 49HP 59 blower and...
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    Judson TNT Truckmount and Van for Sale, Broward County area Florida

    How many miles on the van? What year is the van?
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    Glad Pads

    Good advice on washing first and glad (no pun intended) I can use both sides to try.
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    Glad Pads

    I got them from someone going out of business on eBay and was selling them one at a time so I just bought the whole box but I saw somewhere on a video You're supposed to use one side
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    Glad Pads

    Got glad pads to try out on my orbot. What side do you use looks to be one-sided?
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    Iron Man Pads

    I havent tried the Ironman but BonnetPro has quality stuff. I would definitely recommend his products and will try some on my next order.
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    Finding a spot for the wand

    Very nice what kind of air movers are those very compact Sent from my SM-N920V using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Cleaning News Portable extractor with very high suction power

    Where did you get your machine from that is Bulletproof mine was not so bulletproof as I thought it was going to be LOL but getting ready for my next one Sent from my SM-N920V using TMF Forums mobile app