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    Ever bumped a small job for a large one?

    Many customers will bump you and your appointment, even at the last minute, if something they seem more important comes up or they just feel like not having the job done.
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    How to prevent carpet occupational disease?

    There is a lot of good advice above. Going to a doctor and getting some sound medical advice is worthwhile as well. I get elevated first ribs that can cause issues in upper back, shoulders and even deltoids occasionally.
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    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide can be used without any detrimental impact on wool up to 3%.
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    What's the different about H202 or peroxide or OXY cleaner?

    H2O2 is the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide. Oxy Cleaner is typically sodium percarbonate. Both products, will break down and release oxygen as a biproduct which helps to sterilise, remove coloured stains, treat odor, brighten textiles etc. Typically hydrogen peroxide will come as a...
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    Polyester Dyeing

    The latest video I watched Chris actually dyes some soda bottle lids from white, to purple. I admit I was shocked it worked, but seeing is believing.
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    Polyester Dyeing

    Rob with all due respect, I think your abhorrent dislike for Chris Howell may be affecting your judgement. Have a look at the iDye Jaquard dyes. I can post a link for you if you like, but they will dye polyester. But here’s the catch. The dyes liquor needs to be incredibly hot, and sustained...
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    Polyester Dyeing

    If you’ve seen the video it’s definitely not paint. Probably a disperse dye. Jaquard sell polyester dyes - but they require intense heat and some time. I’m not personally convinced (yet) that full room dyeing of polyester yarn is possible, feasible, or will look anything other than blotchy, but...
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    One prespray for everything? Is it possible?

    I’m going to buck the trend here and say no. There was a recent article in I think clean fax, which discussed the issue of “charge” (cationic, anionic etc) on fibre, resoiling issues as a result of using detergents that weren’t compatible with the charge required to clean a particular fibre...
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    Upholstery Tool Recommendations?

    I purchased a Mytee Dry when they were first released. Now the tool functioned incredibly well, but had a whole host of bugs. Mytee resolved all of these, and they also replaced both of my Mytee Dry tools. The replacement product has been flawless. Here’s why I like the Mytee Dry. Compared...
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    OMEGAZYME Down Under

    The email to Leo was specifically relating to the treatment of a stain with both a bacterial culture, and an oxidiser. We need to call out bad methodology when we see it, and this is bad methodology. For the record though this is a good outcome on wool, despite the fact the technician...
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    OMEGAZYME Down Under

    The picture of the woolen carpet above; - has a biological enzyme put on it - then an oxidiser The oxidiser is going to kill the bacterial culture. So it seems somewhat redundant. Especially when the culture needs at least 20 mins to start working.
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    What Removes Magic Sand? (green)

    Go to bed mate, your drunk. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    What Removes Magic Sand? (green)

    I wonder if TMF will introduce an annual Darwin Award. It looks as though there are a few contenders. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    What Removes Magic Sand? (green)

    Oxalic acid isn't hydrofluoric acid. It's toxic to consume, but won't dissolve your bones, and will probably have no effect on sand. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    What Removes Magic Sand? (green)

    I'm not sure what Whink has in it, but if it's HFl, you should consider replacing it with a safer alternative. I know a man who worked in oil refinery where they used it for some purpose, and witnessed several horrific accidents. Some truck washing detergents contain it, and it's left...