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    Stripping Pergo Laminate Plank Flooring
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    Stripping Pergo Laminate Plank Flooring

    Have you tried the squeaky floor products? They make an intensive Floor cleaner for hardwoods & laminates.
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    Rapid Seal Pro

    I made my own version but the trigger and seals got eaten up by the solvent sealer I was using. Now I just use gundlach aerosol. It's easy to apply and requires no dispensing equipment.
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    Greasy Restaurant Tile

    I've done some where the grease had to be removed with a screwdriver. I've done some where the grout is gone and all that's left is the grease. I add floor stripper to GM and then use a single jet gecko wand to peel the grout lines. This is why I always do a detailed inspection when I do the...
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    Business line: Local Area Code or 800 Number?

    Exactly, I get asked all the time if I'm a franchise and when I tell them no, the customer is happy. I use a local number.
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    Trump is finished

    Free college, free healthcare, free abortions...yup the Dems aren't about making everything free [emoji849]
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    Trump is finished
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    Trump is finished

    Democrats think by hanging themselves they win...
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    Trump is finished

    California "We made more than we spent" Yeah but you're only making the minimum payments on your trillion dollar debt. California "La la la la, we can't hear you, la la la"
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    Trump is finished
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    Trump is finished
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    Trump is finished

    Larsox and Dan circle jerking...
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    Do People Review Businesses?

    Open incognito tab and pull up your business on google. Click on the maps business page for your company. I just copy that url and add a Click Here link and ask my customers to scroll down on left to leave a review. I usually send a Paid In Full copy of the invoice, thank them for their...
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    Trump is finished

    That's just complete kool aid nonsense.
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    Trump is finished

    And if it were true, then you just made the argument for stopping illegal immigration and fixing the system. It's about time we established a guest worker program so they could be here legally and legally pay taxes. BTW, non citizens, including green card holders cannot vote, cannot claim...