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    Grout Coloring

    As ACP said, you need to thoroughly clean the grout and often i use an acid cleaner to etch it so the color sealer sticks really well. Done properly it will last years. I charge $1.75 - $2.00 per sq ft.
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    Yup, cleans up like any other porcelain or ceramic. Just flat mop afterwards to make sure you don't leave water spots.
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    Need new engine for el Diablo.

    Call these guys for direct replacement for discontinued unit.
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    Need new engine for el Diablo.
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    Grout master

    My bad, the photo showed up! So yes thats travertine. I always sell solvent impregnating stone sealer too. Spray on, flat mop to spread and allow to dry.
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    Grout master

    1) Depends what kind of stone it is. 2) If its sealed or not. 3) If its polished or honed. The photo never showed up. I use GM for almost everything. Highly polished travertine i use Zep neural cleaner with 1/2 - 1 scoop of GM per gallon and my TM with spinner at less than 1000 psi. Works...
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    Canadian Pricing - Tile & Grout Cleaning

    I started my business targeting restaurants until I found out how nasty they are. I would have to be at $1.50 - $1.75 sq ft to make any money. Often the grout is completely gone. Many times had to scrub and clean areas 3-4 times to get the grease off. Sometimes it took hand scraping the grout...
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    I pray that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will comfort you and your family. Its times like this when having the surity of hope and joy we find in Christ is the most real to us.
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    EFI Prochem Everest heat exchangers. Need information thank you

    I think Blue Baron makes an Axis HX that is stainless steel and is an OEM replacement. Not endorsing them, just seen them before.
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    Tile and Grout cleaning and removing wax

    When you do the estimate take some stripper and a razor blade and do a test spot to see how thick the wax is. Then charge accordingly. I second the posts on here about using a shop vac if the wax is anything more than one coat. Using a spinner and TM is like using a Porsche to plough a field...
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    Phone etiquette on jobsite

    Jimbo and Mrotto have it right...the customers you want will wait. I love referrals and recommendations, they want YOU. Its the perfect sales model. No stress, just steady work at great value for both parties.
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    Why should I use your company?

    I dont know, you called me...
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    Starting Issue

    Hey, we've all won the dumbass award. I was shredding belts on my blower until I learned about vacuum relief [emoji28] Using a spinner on smooth concrete with zero vacuum relief. Smoke started pouring out of the van and then bang, no vacuum. I was like WTF? Black shredded rubber all over the...