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    Johnny Bravo!!!

    HEEYYYY! Oh well I just live here not from here so.... keep going
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    Johnny Bravo!!!

    He must be swimming in Budweiser by now
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    Truck mount Fire Sale

    I’m in LA send me pics or upload them here is If the T M is worth it, I’ll buy it no bull shit here
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    Vegas attendees

    Anyone stopping by the Bumble bee Parking lot Fest on Thursday? by popular demand, we are offering carne asada tacos with guacamole and corona beers for everyone till you die. Mariachi music at 11:00 PM Free of charge. dancing girls every two hrs. Two dancing men show at 9:00 pm for all...
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    Vegas attendees

    you need to pick up your stuff or Ill have to leave it on the sidewalk.
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    Peroxide bleaching nylon

    impossible for peroxide to remove color on a nylon carpet unless you are applying the heat transfer. Look again and like Todd said, clean the carpet to determine
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    Experience Vegas Trade Show-Whose going?

    Heeeyyyy! what about the Bumblee bee!!!! I did not take welding classes for you to betray me and promote other products. by the way..... i will have a hack store at the parking lot ( no need to pay for booth) whoever wants to test Driver Bumble Bee is welcome. 10gage SS frame 31 Hp water...
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    would you hire some one with a face or neck tattoo ????

    I was just being me Buddy. No tattoos policy period in my family and business. I have a few good friends who wear them. Good people I respect them but their fashion is not for me or my beliefs. The guy on the photo I posted is an internet picture. buahhahahahah
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    would you hire some one with a face or neck tattoo ????

    that is discrimination here in CA. You hire one guy with a tattoo on his neck but would discriminate a guy with a tattoo on his face? a tattoo is a tattoo regardless of its visibility or message conveyed according to the law.
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    would you hire some one with a face or neck tattoo ????

    Haters!! here is my helper. Never had any problems getting into 10 mill homes. let alone getting paid
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    Revive and prosgrade Citrus solvent

    knowing what you are cleaning soils and fabrics is essential to get the results you want and to judge any product. some upholstery cleaning training always comes in handy. no sds available no way to read the label to at least have an idea what the product is. Call Rob at the store and have...
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    Got my first Van

    anything that shows growth is worth to brag about no matter how big or how small. Keep pushing!
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    How to prespray carpets properly?

    impossible! If all you want is a guy who could spray a solution that you gave him and use the wand you may get away with it but if you want to make a real tech out of him at least one year of real training will be needed.
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    How to prespray carpets properly?

    and you still charge for your service?? no pun intended