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  • Hi, how are you doing today? I am struggling to gain new customers and was hoping for some guidance. Any help would be appreciated. My website is www.egreencarpetcare.com Is there a way I can contact you for advice? Thanks for your time
    Good Morning,
    I looked at your site. I really want to thank you for the pricing guidance, as this was a big concern of mine. I want to be a quality cleaner, not a cheap one. Any advice or guidance, I would greatly appreciate.

    Thank you for your time.

    Hi Martin,
    Good to hear from you,. If you would like the tool, it is new and I have never even taken it out of the box

    If you want it I am selling it for 360 plus shipping, there is no tax so that saves a little bit also. Let me know and if not, no problem

    I also have a few other items I will be selling, some extra stuff I have:

    Hi Martin,

    Hope you are doing well, it was a pleasure to meet you and work with you in class, I hope you enjoyed it also.
    I put together a brief little video clip of you in the class and here is the link
    you can share it or use it or whatever, I hope you like it.

    Take care and let me know if I can be of any help if you need it.

    Hi Martin,
    I saw your post on Crushed Velvet and thought I could share a couple of points with you but also share a video on how to teat velvet upholstery. If you would like to see it
    email me and I will send you the link, It is not one I will openly share so please keep it to your self, if you would like to see it.
    [email protected] this would be the correct email address.
    I went to your web site today, and was wondering where your phone number is located? It isn't easy for customers to find. I wanted to send this in a private message but I don't know how to do that. yet.
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