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    Looking for some good used equipment.

    Looking for ONLY the pieces of equipment listed above.
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    Windsor Taz / Hos Orbot

    I have the Taz as well. Try Waxie. They are overpriced for sure, but they have the parts you require.
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    Looking for some good used equipment.

    I'm looking for the following equipment, used, and in good working condition as well as appearance. Chemspec Chemstractor Von Schrader Esprit HOST Freestyle Let me know what you have. I have some equipment I'd be willing to trade as well or can pay cash. Prefer to trade straight across but not...
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    Patching on poly carpet !

    Excellent work for sure. I haven't been as successful cutting free hand so hence my questions. Most of the time cookie cutters work well for me, but of course, not always. Great job.
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    Patching on poly carpet !

    Not picking on you and no judgement, just a question....... I personally use a straight edge on patches to "square" my cuts, make the edges nice and smooth, and get an almost perfect match. Do you ever have issues with the plug not fitting properly when you cut without one? I used to have...
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    Los Angeles is in the state of California. @Moshe - That's terrible man. I would keep an eye on Craigslist and local pawn shops as well. Hope you find it.