Paul Brown

I've had a varied career. I spent 10 years making award winning hand blown glass and selling it through galleries nationwide. I grew up in a bike shop so after my glass days, I opened a bike shop in Marin County. My bikes have been featured in Bicycling , Bicycle Guide, and in several shows. One of the bikes I assembled won the NAHBS best steel lugged frame in 2006. I started cleaning in 1997. Concurrently, I became a certified water plant operator, but by the time I was licensed, I was happy and busy cleaning carpets and playing with chemicals again. I made my own glass batch as a glassblower from scratch as well as my furnaces and equipment.
Cleaning well is a challenge that I enjoy. I see myself as a textile hygienist, using technology and judgement to improve my client's indoor environment and preserving their artifacts and home.

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Santa Rosa CA
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Paul Brown
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Textile Hygenist aka Carpet Cleaner


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