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    Steamin Demon carpet cleaning machine

    Selling a steamin demon machine. It's older but works well. These things are built like tanks and parts are readily available if ever needed. If you're not familiar with these they cost over $3000 new. They hook up to a hot water faucet with one hose and the other one gets put in the drain...
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    Worst tile floor ever!!!

    Todd, of those that you mentioned above, are any of them less foamy? The snakebite that I've been using foams up so much in my waste water tank that it can block the air and choke my machine.
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    Worst tile floor ever!!!

    It's called Snakebite from Nutech. I'm sure a one off of Viper Venom. I bought it a couple of years ago when I was training. I don't do a ton of tile here in northern michigan and the floors I do are usually not too bad.
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    Do you put your prices on website?

    I post prices. If someone is purely price motivated and looking for cheap carpet cleaning than I want to save both of us time and have them call someone else. My prices are fair, not the highest, but my work is solid, I've got great online reviews, good equipment, and I'm worth the money. I...
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    Worst tile floor ever!!!

    I got a call from a local hotel that has a large full service kitchen. The manager is new and wants to get the kitchen cleaned up. I went and took a look and I've never seen anything like it. The grease has filled the grout lines and is actually higher than the tile or starting to grow across...
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    $17,000 Startup, Need some input

    I agree with going used and not borrowing up front if you can at all swing it which it sounds like you can. This is what I did three years ago and it was a great choice for me. I would feel that if I owe someone money that I'm still working for someone else. That's my own personal feeling...
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    What percentage of your business is commmecial work?

    I just started this last year. I'd say only about 5-10% of the work has been commercial. So far I've liked it the least. Commercial jobs want everything at the lowest cost and nit pick about every little thing.
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    Official GOOGLE+ Circle Followers for TMF Members

    Wow, great idea! Here's my page, thanks in advance everybody!
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    Cleaning brown water stains from carpet...

    The leak happened a couple of weeks ago so I assume its dry by now. I will put a fan on it when done. Just hoping I have what it takes to lift out the dried staining.
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    Brown water stains from leaking roof...

    Going out to do an apartment that had some water staining on the carpet from ice dams this winter. Roof has been fixed and now they want the carpet cleaned. Will regular prespray and HWE take care of it or will it resurface when it dries. Do I need to use special chems? If so, what? Tannin...
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    Cleaning brown water stains from carpet...

    Going to a house tomorrow that had a roof leak from an ice dam and the water left brown staining on the carpet. Is normal prespray and HWE going to take care of this or am I going to need to use a specific chem. I have protein/enzyme sprays and also tannin type sprays. Just don't want to...
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    Pricing on website?

    I decided to put pricing on my website but went with three different "packages" to show people what they will get for what they pay. Sort of a good, better, best model. Those that just want cheap and don't want to know about quality, I can offer my value package. I'll still try and do a good...
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    Ell Diablo pic

    Nice. Hear they can really bring the heat.
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    New carpet cleaner in Traverse City MI

    Just curious. I tried to set up a signature and the check box below my posts is checked but my posts don't seem to have a signature. In fact nobody's posts have what I would call signatures so maybe I'm misunderstanding what signature means on this forum???