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    Odor X Unleashed

    Then it didnt do a good job ??
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    Is it possible to hit $100, $200k your first year?

    was thinking the same thing. gas was cheap recently .. but seems very low. marketing is near zero he said but still ...
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    How to turn phone calls into customers (and what NOT to do!)

    i just googled plumbers new york. didnt see it as ranked. only this close was a 5 truck operation that didnt seem to be ad generation so ... can u link to your site so we can see it work ?
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    Online Carpet Cleaning Training (And other services) PLUS Video Systems

    SFS now has kinda sorta individual classes /// check it out at sfs @ there is a marketing one ... a tech one ... business plan one ... ect
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    Lowlife competitor on the prowl

    Usually when im judgemental im a douche. A likeable douche tho. I thought u were hiding the competition phone number in your webpage where it couldnt be seen but brought up ur page when searching for their website. So with that i appologise. I misundertood what u meant. I do think thats a...
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    Lead Generation for Carpet Cleaners

    Being an insulting douche bag isnt going to win u any friends here.
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    Has anyone used the vacaway custom spotters?

    If their sds is full of that then its acceptable. There are requirments for certain things and not tested is allowed in some areas due to the type of product. Their sds ... their responsibility ...
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    Trump or Hillary poll

    Todd. I think u mean the fair tax. Its a national retaial sales tax on everything. Im all for that ... but it takes a lot of power away from washington. So i doubt it will ever pass.
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    Does This Sound Fishy Financing a new TM

    That is before i even get to the shop selling equipment. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is crazy.
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    Lowlife competitor on the prowl

    If you intend on misleading you potential customers why stop there. If u can lie in the beggining to make some money. Keep right on lieing and make a lot more when you get in the home. Right ?
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    suggestions for silent auction gift certificate

    Always dollar amount. Then it help slow down the this room should be counted as one or two rooms questioning. Its only mindset. But make sure the mindset when doing the cleaning is its the same as cash. If u try to get something else out of it sometimes they smell that and it comes off wrong...
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    Trump or Hillary poll

    That doesnt even balance the budget. Send the illegals out. Keep them out. That well over a 100 billion. Which also doesnt balance the budget but it sure feels better :)
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    Lowlife competitor on the prowl

    Yes. Just because its allowed or legal doesnt mean you should do it.