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    opinion on sending reminders

    The opposite of your competition
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    The rfid chip will be the mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead. It will happen after the first tribulation so I'll be long gone. This is 911 2.0 + the 2008 crash all in one. I still think it will take at least 2 years for it to really get bad because sheeple are gonna keep clutching...
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    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    Speaking of all this we should really shut our borders and would be a perfect excuse
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    No calls

    "Diversity is the salt and pepper of bussiness" pretty much sums it up lol. Have some credit some cash some residential and some commercial. Doing the opposite of the others around you always works. When people are in cramp mode I stretch through. Like in stocks the dummies sell on bad news in...
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    Will vinegar impact results of UNCHAINED?

    Peroxide is an acid, which I think unchained has in it. If it has encapsulates I would be a bit worried as encapsulates and acid cause a gelling effect. But na nuke and rinse.
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    No calls

    Are you still peddling rvs? "Free sanitization with every purchase"
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    No calls

    But his way would pay things off quicker as he would be paying above the payment due which in most cases would go directly to principal.
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    No calls

    Roughly 20% of all "home owners, aka people with mortgages," are still flipped (own more than house is worth,) from the 2008 crash. They are still holding on. As insanely low the interest rates are now, this will mark the beginning of the spiral degradation. Markets are finally taped out, and...
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    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    good ole billie is up to it again, always remember "those who create the problems, always have the solution." Guess who also has a vacccine and a mark of the beast chip lined up for ya buddy ole pals? Also look up agenda 21 to see a bigger picture. Dont forget what happens at the brink of the...
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    No calls

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    equipment for a good start

    buy an OP machine or 175/swing machine, and any mid to high range portable that can also do tile and grout
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    No calls

    Yep last bust you could pick up water fronts on the pacific for 350k
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    No calls

    Are your techs gonna stick around can they handle no $?
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    Looking for foggable disinfectants.

    .... so you can only fog Thymol based sanitizers? What about quats? @Mama Fen
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    Epa released a list a couple days ago of what to use. The cliff notes are this, bleach, peroxide, and quats will work. Saponification still the best followed by killers. If you guys are going to do any of this don't say disinfect as that means 100% removal, say sanitize as thats means 99.9%...