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    Ez 2545 under 500 hours for sale $5250

    Lawyer for what? To get money owed? Do you have a contract? They will not retain you even if you are not guilty.
  2. Omar

    Getting into the business

    Get gear ties from home depot to tie your hoses to the banister or hand rail of the steps. Works alot better then hooks. Get the long blue or green ones.
  3. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    Prespray in the bedroom much??:D
  4. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    For how long before extraction? Im talking dwell time before agitation. Ultimately more time of each (TACT), would be better. Sometimes i dont even agitate, i just let time do its thing and the carpets come out great. Either way, whatever works, works. You use the trex though, right? Im going to...
  5. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    Same difference really, just more dwell time for the prespray.
  6. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    If you have no agitation then what do you do? More chem, heat and DWELL time to allow the chem to seperate the dirt. Thats why i think agitation after dwell is best. You let the chem do its thing. Whats more effective, chems that are just sprayed or chems that have dwelled?
  7. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    Now try that with your hair... whadda heck you talking bout man.
  8. Omar

    Agitate Before or After Dwell Time?

    Prespray, agitate with a rotowash type crb that rinses would be awesome, then prespray again dwell rinse.
  9. Omar

    NEW Revive iT ROCKET

    John, do you allow customers to test out equipment at your store?
  10. Omar

    Help with brown mystery spots!

    Not bad. What did you use for agitation?
  11. Omar

    Service Fee

    Alot of restaurants here have the gratuity already in the check lol 18%:eek::eek:
  12. Omar

    Service Fee

    Here you go!! Order a box of these.:rolleyes:
  13. Omar

    And So it Begins ..... Van

    Im not even sure what im looking at, but it looks great lol.. Dont you loose vac with those extreme bends on the vac hoses?
  14. Omar

    Backup to my vacuum

    So far so good. Its got plenty of suction. Its lightweight and easy to use. Alot better then using the proteam.