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    what is more important lift or cfm what pre-spray works the best
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    Area rug cleaning

    Chinese rug with a Chinese beer
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    Best portable comercial extractor?

    Cross American has been making machines for quite a while for Europe has all the EU approvals and stuff
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    Bleach stain polypropylene

    you can use crayons yes if you don't get the colour right just a little rubbing alcohol towel gone try again once you get the colour right take a fresh towel and a steam iron this will remove the wax and set the colour. give it a try
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    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    booked like crazy as I have never seen it before you can claim anything on the interweb
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    free roll of toilet paper with your cleaning never been this busy
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    Boss Optima Is Truly A Big Scam!!

    they call me all the time asking for next day mattress cleaning, hahahahaha
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    anyone get one of these in the mail

    what exactly is this fudgeery
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    Cleaning Price

    two to three hundred tops and a six-pack of Blue ribbon
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    Need help with basic steps

    my spidey senses troll
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    the nice thing about a namco you can clean an empty condo or apt just park in a bathroom the dump valve fits over the toilet and you can use the bathtub as your water tank
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    Powrflite black max 1085

    I can't believe the TMF portable mind trust is not all over this??????
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    Powrflite black max 1085

    I'm quite sure the TMF thermodynamics team will be here to help you soon
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    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    just raised my min charge to 42.99 just up from 39.75 let's see how long it takes to weed out the price shoppers
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    Just Starting - Package Reccomendation