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    New to carpet cleaning and looking for product recommendations

    I like the Zep products at Home Depot and the Odo bane stuff too
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    CRB vs 175

    they both do the job, CRB has tons of moving little expensive parts require lots of maintenance and cleaning, 175 rotaries when done just a little Windex wipe down and your pretty much done,
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    Carpet crush removal help / tips

    you can't always be the hero problem is sometimes carpet has a memory and after install some of those problems might come back, and they will blame you for it
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    EZ truck mount engine replacement

    well the old Subaru grenade yesterday over 1900 hours on a single-cylinder air cool 13.5 hp with a 33 blower is not bad 369 dollar harbor freight with 80 dollars for the two-year warranty total hours 30 minutes to remove the motor 1 hour drive time to harbor freight and home took an hour...
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    Looking For ELF members

    Joe hanging out with Weinstein
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    What's the worst piece of advice you received

    thought job polish was hanging around with Harvey Weinstein and not carpet cleaners anymore
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    Commercial Carpet Disaster

    when done cleaning bonnet in some encap do you use fans?
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    i think this guy just called me about O% interest rate on my credit cards
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    Can you say; "BS?!"

    Rumor has it that they love your machines till they fall off the back of a pickup truck at 35 miles an hour then not so much
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    Wicking problem from hell---Need help!!

    I love those tests because there is no oil like stains on it with those carpets just suck up oil like a sponge and never let it go
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    Sometimes you have to walk

    With the passing of Charlie, my patience has been quite short, on a good note I have so many wonderful customers. It's been tough I run into this lady this morning whole house empty she keeps talking about how the carpet is new, well it's 5 years old so it's not new and how expensive it is. I...