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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    From what I’ve seen, the Kubota motors have a pretty good track record also.
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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    My 575 is the earlier one from 2011 It has the Daihatsu DM 950. Which has been a great motor. Change oil and filter, full synthetic every 150 hours. Air filter every 1000. Changed the plugs a couple times and changed the fan belt. Also flushed out the antifreeze.
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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    I have a 575 with over 5000 hours. Original motor, blower, pump and seals, belts on blower and pump. Pretty much trouble free. Also have a boxxer 421 with 4000 hours. Good also. Original Vanguard 21hp, blower, pump I have reseald two times, and a couple pump belts. Cleaned heat exchangers...
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    Music to listen to while cleaning...

    Dam, I guess I was just raised different. Having music shit in my ears drowning out my hearing is the last thing I want while out on my runs, out In public , and especially performing commercial work at night. Situational awareness is my absolute top priority.
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    Ripples in Glued Commercial Carpet

    Wait till after it dries and a day or two. We had some stuff like that in a church while back. Looked way rippled up gnarly after we cleaned but layed down the next day.
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    Customer I cleaned for 4 months ago now says I left too much "soap" and demands a free reclean

    You have to realize that most businesses open to the public will have a small small percentage of customers/PITA people that will try and take advantage of you, costing you time and money. Wether you like it or not, your going to have to deal with it. I think you did ok on your decision....
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    Any TM owners leave rubber mat on van floor?

    Spray on liners are legit but my older spare van is a 2000 E250 with the original rubber mat and lots of drill holes. Had several mounts installed in this van and floor is still in great shape. Once in a while, I park it on a slope and hose the whole thing out.
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    Draining water box every day!

    Over 5k hours on my 575 and never even thought about draining the box. Still on original pump, seals, heat exchangers, chemical pump, all plumbing ect. I do have onboard water softeners on my trucks.
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    How wealthy were your parents?

    To make a long story short Yes Times were very tough growing up but we got by and never had government hold our hand....
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    keeping van warm inside

    A couple 80w light bulbs is a cheap and reliable way to keep Jack Frost at bay.
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    Boxxer 421 fresh water invading my waste tank help

    Gently pinch of the 3/8” rubber hose with a pair of needle nose pliers that runs off the thermo valve. If that’s stops the flow, than yes, it’s the thermo valve.
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    Boxer 421 valve clearances

    .008 no more, no less.
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    Boxxer 421 fresh water invading my waste tank help

    here’s where the thermo valve is “via” pointed with the screw driver.
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    Boxxer 421 fresh water invading my waste tank help

    I have a boxxer 421 and had thermo valve go out super quick and filled the recovery tank up so fast it was ridiculous.