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    White Magic Truckmount Manufacture ROCKED by embezzlement

    ya might wanna read up on how corrupt the Democratic leadership was with Fannie and Freddie Mac (not a brother sister carpet cleaning firm). if health care and Cap and Trade pass, they'll be prison raping you along with the rest of working americans. i heard my congressman on the radio...
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    New to all of this.

    must not be using enough Gelle' on yore "lectroCob" :AddEmoticons04259:
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    Whats Your minimum charge to go out?

    maybe you should stop burning the weed and git some work done!!!:D
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    Hot as Hell inside the .............

    i just put a 6 pack of cold beer in my spotting kit in the morning, so if my spotting jobs don't come out OK i really don't care!!!
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    I pay cash for truckmounts

    Keith i own one of Duanes units. it's a Predator Unleashed 20hp 36 blower APO and 220k heat. i have been well pleased with it for the work i do. i have had a few bugs to work out but i'd say that DO builds a good machine. Danny
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    Hey Doc, what's the best deo for dog and cat urine?

    wouldn't a degreaser type cleaner need to be applied to break down the oily lipids. oil and water still don't mix right???
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    Nitty Gritty Danny in da house

    hello my name is danny and i'm a carpetcleanaholic!!!:D