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    I NEEEEED an answering service BAD!!!

    using an answering service will definitely relive you from some burden and also makes you look professional, established and organized but it lacks the personal touch our work require
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    Pricing - Lowballers

    in the post you said this guy is the owner, i think he's the manger who just has to show result on the paper
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    Member with the highest post count

    well i agree to this i don't know why but maybe i am little hard to impress
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    we do hardwood flooring
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    Total Noob Question... But I have to ask.

    chemicals can damage the carpet if not used with care, example: over use of chemicals. the damaged spots are more likely to be spot on light color so while doing light color carpets one should be more careful
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    we would steam clean it it would be soft on the fiber
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    Member with the highest post count

    instead of highest post count i would like to know persons with highest likes and agrees
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    Pricing - Lowballers

    instead of just walking of you should have asked the hotel owner to let you check the work done the work might or might be of low standard. if it is you have your answer, in that situation you should try giving a demo but if the standard of work is good then maybe some thing like this is...
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    really good video
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    Have a hardwood cleaning today ! Price?

    area is not very big but do take in consideration how much furniture is to be move if any if no then be prepare to give discount otherwise stand on $1 per sq/ft
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    I need some help! please!

    you said it looked all clean so probably you wont be working very hard also its 3500 sqft and for that much size everyone gives discount so i say $700 without moving should be great tell the client that moving would be $1200 as there's lots of stuff to be moved but in your honest opinion moving...
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    Granite Floor Cleaning

    ya $1 sq/ft should be good
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    Just bagged the whale..

    why not say lets have 2 or 3 nights a week like this
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    Does this sound like a scam or what?

    you tell them that you only do on site cleaning with 5 day booking and 50% payment in advance and if they still make contact then its a scam