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    ASA Anyone ever done Apartment turnkey work??

    Yep, I've done it. Not easy work. I couldn't keep help they would complain how dirty the work was. So I would do it with my son and I then we hired a third person. after a while it just wasn't worth it so I dropped two apartment complexes. Nope no more for me.
  2. Nick P

    ASA Great price on moisture wicking t shirts

    Yes, I have several of those shirts. They are awesome Dri-ez
  3. Nick P

    Hello From Charlotte NC Area

    welcome to the forum
  4. Nick P

    Encap on restaurants

    I agree with Scott but I would also try Hot Knife from vacaway products. JMo
  5. Nick P

    Best encap money can buy

    Try vacaway Hot Knife very good chemical
  6. Nick P

    What works better Cimex or Trinity OP?

    I'm very happy with my HOS orbot. I can't say anything about the trinity I haven't used one.
  7. Nick P

    Vacaway or Releasit

    I use all three companies products. They all have very good products and customer service. JMO
  8. Nick P

    Rubber Floor Cleaning and Waxing, Please Help About it.

    I agree with Mike. I use red or white pads to scrub with my orbot. It seems like you will have the right floor cleaner. Good Luck!!!!!
  9. Nick P

    ASA Rubber flooring...

    I would go with the rubber or diamond plate. JMO Carpet gets nasty.
  10. Nick P

    What Shoes are you cleaning in and why?

    shoes for crews are very good. Durable, slip resistant , comfortable! I've been wearing them for years.
  11. Nick P

    Rubber Floor Cleaning and Waxing, Please Help About it.

    I clean rubber floors all the time and I never come across one that needed or has wax. Are you sure about waxing it?
  12. Nick P

    ASA Rubber flooring...

    I have rubber flooring in my HHR Chevy. I really like it. It holds up well. JMO
  13. Nick P

    Hello from olympia

    Welcome Dan!
  14. Nick P

    Quoted a job...

    Location will always be a factor in price. I've seen guys price it a .30 sq ft. Not me! I will not go lower than 35-40 sq ft. JMO. If I loose the job oh well. Good luck to the next guy.
  15. Nick P

    Whats the best encap chemical?

    I use Hydrox from excellent supply, and I use hot knife and blast from vacaway, Johns chemicals are good also from bonnet pro. I guess you can't go wrong with any of these top 3 IMHO.