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  • Nick - I've been asked to bid nightly (6 nights/week) floor cleaning (mopping) for a Chick-fil-a, and to do their windows once each week. Total square feet is around 2,900. Obviously, the kitchen entails more work than does the dining area. What would you charge for this type of service?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Nick, give me a call when you get a chance to say hello. Would like to get that cup of coffee. I am a little busy right now with a few things, business related and other and could use a break!

    My number is, 201-394-8326

    LOL, Ross. It's normally not that cold here but it doesn't last long. I'm normally around all the time. So we could meet up some time. I feed the homeless in Port Richey every Thursday morning so I don't take any work then because that ties me up all morning. But I enjoy it. Hey I'm sponsoring a 5K run/walk at the Veteran Memorial Park Jan. 14th. Were going
    to have military vehicles there and vendors. Stop by if you like.
    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for saying hello. That would be cool. Love to talk shop.

    I am going away for the weekend but would like get a cup of coffee and say hello.

    I only just finished lettering my van this week so you would have not seen me around. And I am just starting out down here so I am really not on the road too much.

    Had to heat my van last night - 27 degrees! Didn't know it got so cold down here.

    Welcome to TMF Tim. You will learn a lot from the posts here.

    Thanks for the welcome and yes, I have already learned very much, even before I decided to become a member.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome,
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