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  1. Nev

    Why is House Call Pro so glitchy?

    Did you post your issues on the HCP Facebook Group? The only time I ever lost the price was due to user error and forgetting to save the changes.
  2. Nev

    Does Anyone Have a TurboCat to Sell?

    Be careful if you ever use one with a truckmount. You will probably need a vac release. I had the upholstery one years ago and it melted due to too much vacuum.
  3. Nev

    PENS WIN !!

    @Scott W - Just watch more hockey. Guess you'll have to wait til next season or watch the NHL network. and it that confuses you, you can have a delayed offsides as well. now it's time for a 3peat! Go Pens!!!
  4. Nev

    Residential fools

    It was a rhetorical question. What you wrote is not what I stated. Getting an email or text is not the same as a phone call. You are correct as shopping habits are changing. I already have systems in place to allow for that. However, a phone call at 10pm on a Friday night and wanting their...
  5. Nev

    Residential fools

    I agree with you 100%. There are just those people that don't value our time or respect what we do.
  6. Nev

    Residential fools

    Are we a step above or a step below burger flippers?
  7. Nev

    Looking for a new steamer.

    I don't either. However, yesterday I used a vapor steamer with a towel for a red stain on upholstery.
  8. Nev

    Residential fools

    Then there are the ones that call 10pm on a Friday night and want you to come out and clean the next day... non-emergency. Usually they are the same type of customer which are fixated on low prices and look down on us as lowly rug scrubbers.
  9. Nev

    Looking for a new steamer.

    One isn't better than the other it would be more about convenience and ease of use.
  10. Nev

    Looking for a new steamer.

    You will not find a new Black & Decker steamer as it was discontinued. A similar one is made by Namco. Wagner makes a wallpaper steamer with a hose and plastic plate which works just as well at half the price.
  11. Nev

    Is TMF Academy down?

    It's working. I just signed in on my desktop.
  12. Nev

    Pro 1200 in 3500 GMC

    Are you running a 4.8 or 6.0? That could make a difference. But the question would be why it is happening now after you have using the van for a year.
  13. Nev

    Pro 1200 in 3500 GMC

    That doesn't sound right. Never had any issues running Pro1200's with Chevy vans. Even on high speed it is only running 1800 rpm.
  14. Nev

    Do you guys accept Credit/Debit Cards?

    HouseCall Pro. People spend more money when they can charge it.