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    TMF Dye Class May 9 & 10

    Why did the march class cost so much more?
  2. Neil

    16 inches 6 Jet clear window 2 inches Titanium tube

    I have a tile wand from cal tools and I'm very happy with it.
  3. Neil

    July P and L report

    Gas looks good. I run about 7% but I do about 10% encap. If anything chems looks high, but If you're selling a lot of teflon/grout sealing I can see why. Looks like a great month. Nice work.
  4. Neil

    EZ3847 500 Hour Review

    I change it every 50 hours. I go with whatever Kohler recommends. 10-30 if I'm not mistaken. EZ may be the only TM company that runs them at max output, but the TM industry is a very small part of where these engines go. They are run at max output for the most part everywhere else. Here is a...
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    EZ3847 500 Hour Review

    Actually in the 490's but close enough. Some feedback for anyone that's curious about the bigger EZ machines. Pro's- Extremely dependable. I'm still on the original coupler and belt. I had one instance of downtime due to a short on the starter. This was a Kohler issue and I was able to fix...
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    CRB between pews in a church

    I second this recommendation. I have encapped a few small offices with just the orbiter and they came out great.
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    You pick the next MiniMax color

    Do you have an option to upgrade to a custom color? If I were looking at buying one I'd pay extra for it. Looks like a great high productivity residential machine.
  8. Neil

    Use wool its cool

    I just ordered the 2 pack to give them a trial run. I'll report back when I get them.
  9. Neil

    How does the surround encap compare to release it?

    I like releasit's cleaning results but I don't like the chemical smell. Overall I've been happy with Surround.
  10. Neil

    Can you beat this??

    Tip blooming is the reason I stopped using an OP machine and went back to a 175, although the OP still gets used on berber. I suspect tip blooming is the reason none of the low moisture franchises use OP machines.
  11. Neil

    ASA cleaned my carpet

    I use Yellow Gold on carpet and T&G. For T&G I mix it a little stronger, and if it's a really nasty floor I'll spike it with a bit of degreaser from Lowe's. It's a great product that keeps my chemical costs extremely low.
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    ASA Busy day

    I haven't had to run a heater in about 3 weeks. The weather here is nice. Nick, did you clean all that upholstery yourself?
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    I have 2 of these reels (one 200ft, one 300ft) and they are awesome.
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    Pros and cons of a EZ truck mounts, what do you think?

    Not sure. I think the only way to run it too hard would be operating at 18+ inches of lift. I run mine at 15-16 max which is about as high as it can be ran without over stressing the coupler. The hot start issues just went away for me around 40 hours. It still takes a bit longer to start than...
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    Pros and cons of a EZ truck mounts, what do you think?

    He was having problems with the Kohler motor. I spoke with him a couple of times to try to help him out (we have the same machine). It's my understanding that EZ is no longer using that particular motor because it has a rough break in period (first 50 hours or so).