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    Getting started in the business

    Actually a great advice! Usually tire retailers send you old stuff(it might be not 5 years old, but it's gonna be 3+ of whatever they have. So at most you gonna use your tires for 2 years, and then ideally you would want to throw 'em away instead of getting a solid 5 years of work...
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    What Shoes to Wear in Customer's Home?

    Oh yeah, wide toebox shoes is a game changer. Been wearing those for last like 4-5 years. It's actually crazy how much normal sneakers and shoes mess up your feet.
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    Deep tissue massage

    It's a real life savior on my back and leg days. Helps you recover like 2-3 times faster!
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    Hearing Protection

    Big ear is decent, but Surefire stuff is miles ahead. Been using that stuff at gun ranges for years(since I'm usually shooting a decent amount of medium-high caliber: AK 7.62x39, 30-06, M4 rifel , various ARs and shotguns). At one point it moves from being something useful to being a necessity...
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    What Shoes to Wear in Customer's Home?

    If you let 'em get dirty and don't clean it within a week or so, it's pretty much permament. There are some lifehacks on the web, but would you really spend double or triple the price to clean those up :D
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    Diet/Fitness Question

    Wraps won't do anything for losing your belly fat, it's a myth. You can't spot reduce fat, that's just not how human body works.
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    No more back pain

    I mean it's all pretty individual, so I wouldn't really jump into any supplements before seeing a doctor. The fact that it worked for you is great, but there are like 10 reasons that back pain could appear and no miracle pill to cure it all.
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    What is the best book you've ever read?

    I can definitely name the most useful book I've got in prior years : The Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition by Tom McHale. This little book probably saved me over 5 gran over last few years(I've had old reloading bench and some ammunition components before, but never really got into...