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    Question about reinstall 1000+hours Prochem408 everst on new nissan NV3500 high roof!

    May I ask which parts of Truckmount must be replaced,how much would it cost if the rollers, shelves, etc. were all new to the mainstream,about how much it costs to labor,what is the overall cost range,The more details, the better. for installer, is the technician of chain store reliable, or...
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    Looking for 2020 best new van ,any suggestion?

    Hello guys, my old Ford E350 with 165,000 Milage recently leaked coolant cost nearly $2,000 for repaired and I was determined to get a new Van. Excuse me,Is Rob company used Nissan Cargo NV 2500 or 3500? About sv,sl,s type which is better? And if a American VANs Which models are recommended...
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    Will carpet rinse drops corrode the marble surface?

    You don't even know the pH of my agent what a definitely ?By the way Citric is ph 2.0-2.5, not super weak.
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    Will carpet rinse drops corrode the marble surface?

    Hello old hands,You know acid rinse is my first choice of rugs rinse always,but I rinsed a rug on marble surface yesterday.Today customer complained there are some light color spots left the marble surface,maybe cause by my chemical solution drops from my jets. I adjusted solution 2 gallons...
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    About marble cleaning,may I use the tile&grout cleaning tool on marble?

    I have 1 175 and tiles cleaning spinner ,but won't do marble polishing, sometime clients ask me to clean their marble.What is the difference between cleaning marble and cleaning floor tile? May I use tile spinner such as SX-12 or Turbo Force Hybrid tool on marble, if I can, please tell me how...
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    What's the price of housecall pro for 1 user monthly?

    Housecall is easy to use, has better interface than others
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    What's the price of housecall pro for 1 user monthly?

    Thank you very much,I will test the Markate demo,only use 1month housecall pro, there is enough time to convert.
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    What's the price of housecall pro for 1 user monthly?

    I choose the subscription plan,the cheapest price is 65$/mo ,is that right? I remember it's only 50$or45$/mo for solo user at 2019
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    What's the best agent and way for move out the kids slime?

    I've tried many ways to move out the old&stiff kids slime on carpet ,all of them are failed.Can old hand give me any tips ?
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    Recommend one 12-inch tiles clean spinner?Turbo Force Hybrid 12'' or Mytee tile spinner or HYDRO-FORCE SX-12 or others?

    I usually use the 14 ' '---4 jets tile wand to clean tiles and grout, 800spi pressure, but today's cleaning of commercial soiled tiles, found that the effect is not working.My truckmount is Prochem 408, and the maximum pressure is 1000psi, so which spinner is more suitable for me?
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    Can I use Groutmaster on epoxy floor? will high ph cleaner damage the epoxy surface

    I have no idea about the difference about epoxy floor and vinyl floor cleaning.It's the same thing?Can I use groutmaster on epoxy floor?what's the best cleaner for soiled and stained epoxy floor.
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    Please recommend disposable fliter liners for Hydro-Force Hydro plastic 2 inch filter?

    I usually do pre vacuuming, and I don't like too much suction, too hard to pushing and pulling