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    BEST OF Robs Secret Formula Spiked prespray B4 & After pics

    Does the new flex ice smell better? If so what does it smell like now. I noticed the changed the label. I still have the original sitting in the garage and I couldn’t finish it cause it had this weird smell.
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    Unchained vs odorcide

    Unchained has peroxide and Odorcide does not. Odorcide is more comparable to tmf ecocide in my opinion.
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    Which Van Wrap Should I Go With?

    #2 I like the lighter color. 3 is good also. #1 too much text to read.
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    How to remove brown stain from viscose rug?

    We don’t even touch viscose it’s OVER priced junk. A few months ago we had a sprayer accidentally leak on one and it was a 3,000$ rug! We sent it to a rug shop they got it out 98% the customer wasn’t happy so we bought it. 3,000$ for a rug that can’t be cleaned shouldn’t even be made. And yes...
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    EcoCide Citrus Lush

    Yeah we just got citrus lush earlier this week. It smells awesome.
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    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    What products do you use now for carpet that kick ass in the “Health 1” category?? I always at sds sheets and we found Procyon and Bio Break to be our favorite safe pre-sprays.
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    Enzyme prespray: do's and dont

    Is enzall way stronger than bio break for the greasier stuff?
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    What do you guys think??

    Yep we had one and it always overheated and sometimes wouldn’t even turn back on. My shop could never figure it out. We ended up getting a Prochem Everest and haven’t had one problem.
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    Best smelling powdered extraction detergent/rinse

    O d o b a n smells good but I think will leave a sticky residue through the rinse.
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    Something NEW from Bonnet Pro

    Nice can’t wait to see the results of it
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    Best Prespray mix!

    I’m gonna try that grunge gone next time I’m at interlink..33$ & it looks like Bio Break with 2 added ingredients for a heavier punch.