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    Grout seal info

    Does anyone have the contact info to the guy in Arizona that makes the tooth brush tip applicator? I've been using the grout sticks but the solvent sealer destroys the caps and there 15 bucks each . Also I have not found a better solvent sealer then 511 so far . What do you use ?
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    Color seal application advice

    How do you guys color seal ?I've always used knee rollers and hand brush . Is there any other way ? I've heard you can do it with a low speed buffer and buff off with cheetah type pads but have never had the balls to try it lol.
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    What's the best edge tool these days ?

    We went back to pull and reset a tile and repair some grout . Then went back to color seal the grout its was a nightmare but we got it done happy customer . She ended up finding a 25 year old tile at habitat for humanity thrift store beleave it or not .this might help those that do tile repair .
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    Did you "spin-off" or were you a "start-up" company?

    I worked for ten years for all my major competitors and always wanted to be a business owner .I'm ten years on my own and it's a love hate relationship. I do however never bad mouth the companies I've worked for or any other company. I figure our workmanship speaks for its self and honestly...
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    Zipper ?

    What psi do you run on commercial glue down ? I've had the zipper for years but we dont use it much I'm thinking I might not be running enough pressure. I finally got my eldiablo and box truck set up done so I want to get the zipper going . Also do you do dry passes with it ?
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    What's the best edge tool these days ?

    I'm a vet to tile and carpet even a while since I've been on tmf but learned 95 percent of what I know on this forum . I'm looking into buy grout cleaning edge tool. I have both old and new geckos I have the new counter tops tool for gecko but want to know if I should just get tue new edge tool...
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    Rug cleaning scam evolved?

    my wife gets those texts once a year . there going to ask you to send them 3500 dollars and they will pay you with there credit card who has 10 of the same size rugs in a house
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    box truck advice

    thank you guys for the advice I'm going to look at the tall newer vans and explore all options before I do anything
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    grout sealer

    what do you guys use to seal grout? We have been using magic spell from magic wand it works great but my concern is its a solvent. I want to make sure what I'm using is not horrible for me. We are doing more and more grout so I want to make me and my techs are protected as much as possible from...
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    epoxy grout haze on tile

    that's a great idea thank you . I have not heard back from the guy but if he does call I will do just that
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    You don't pre vac? may be you should look at this

    vacuuming is one of the most important over looked step in our biz
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    box truck advice

    so we have 3 vans and I need more room so I want to get a box truck. any advice will help I almost bought a sprinter but I had it looked at and the price was to high for the condition. Any box truck owners out there that can let me know what they like and don't like about it. the bottom line is...
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    back on tmf again

    so I'm back looking for info on tile and stone care do to us starting a new biz . we have always offered tile and stone care but now we are getting calls for repairs and things like removing grout haze and more specialty things. so since I learned most of what I know about carpet cleaning from...
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    epoxy grout haze on tile

    need to know how to remove this epoxy grout haze . iv seen products that say haze removal are these good for epoxy grout as wel. I figure I will pre spray this product and rinse like normal . any advice will help thank you
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    color seal on saltillo tile and cleaning advise

    need advice on cleaning and color sealing Saltillo ..