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    Oops. Delete my post too ;-)
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    First tile job

    Looks good!
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    RX-20 for agitation

    The rx-20 is worthless. Don't bother with extra step. In fact I will do u a favor and take it off your hands. I will even pay the shipping just send it to me ;-)
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    TMF famous

    Yes it was great to meet you. Look forward to getting to know you!
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    What do you rug cleaners use on fringes to whiten and correct browning ?

    Masterblends fringe bleach Works great.
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    My $100 find today.

    That a great deal! I remember when I got mine some years back I was so excited because it was only $300!! I love that fan. It's a little bulky but 10x10 rooms dry to the touch in 10-15min
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    Having My Carpets Cleaned Today

    It will be a more entertaining story if he is ;-)
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    Having My Carpets Cleaned Today

    Snap some pictures of them Working!
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    Radio Advertising

    How many truck do u have running full time now?
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    Live Supply hose Reel ??

    Oh ok I see.. Should be fine.
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    Live Supply hose Reel ??

    It should be fine...The air hose will be really stiff and hard the muniver around walls and stuff but it will work.
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    Worn out!

    Good for you! Beats the alternative lol.. If you ever have a big job and need some help just let me know I am in your neck of the woods.
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    Recleaning Carpet

    Depends if you are willing to loose the account.
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    Vacuum Montreal help

    I think she is trying to get traffic to her website.