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  • Hi Mike,
    Got your email. I have responded 2x but it keeps getting bounced back to me. Please call when you get a moment 877-477-1615
    Yes, the Aztec Sidewinder is mostly used on larger floors. The 24" machine can be used on smaller accounts. I seen guys do pizza shops with them. Liquidator is useless on floors under 5000 sqft. Floods the floor too much unless you have room to walk about. Sidewinders work awesome for scrubs too, not just strips jobs.
    I would need a ship to address and your e-mail. I would then send you a email from Paypal where you may securely enter your payment info. Or you can call me with a c-card #.
    We tried almost all the major brands over those years so when we started our chemical sales business, stripper was my baby. I wanted a awesome stripper that makes stripping a breeze. Bonesaw is just that. Ultra concentrated, never pools so no re-applying or re-spreading, liquefies easily.
    Normally, we do not. But If you want a gallon, I can get one to you to try. All we ask is you pay the shipping..
    Yes it works that well. I have been doing floors for 30 years starting working for my father's floor business. I was the younger brother so I was the one that got stuck laying out the stripper, relaying it when it pooled up into dry areas and then scraping and doodleing till I was exhausted.
    I have seen ProStrip sell for close to $150.00 and it's low dilution. BareBones /Betco strippers don't compare.
    Bonesaw @ $95.10 makes 124 gal. of stripper or 64 gal of extreme strength. FedEx has been charging around $35.00
    Would you have any suggestions on marketing an online product like our stripper? It would be helpful to have some input from a floor professional.

    Mike the post about online strippers being expensive with shipping has been a problem marketing our Bonesaw stripper, which we believe is the best on the planet.
    It's a 30:1 mix stripper or a 16:1 Extreme strength lowodor stripper that rips through anything.We're trying to sell it so that it can be purchased @ the same price rate or better for the RTU gallon when comparing it to the others
    Mike, if you really want a new Aztec sidewinder, I can get you one wholesale for $5600.00 30" or 5100.00 for a 24" + freight.
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