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  • Mike just participate and you will. I just started a thread over there just about you. Ken is a big influence over there and he has inquired about yiur idea. You have a great concept. Don't get sucked in to the smoke amd mirrors. Good luck to ya! I welcome your influence at the RC.
    You need to take this to http://www.%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!cafe.com/mybb_cafe/index.php. This place will help you and support your new real cleaner venture. You will have free run to market your concept with out any pressure to share your profit via royalties to TMF. Wow that's funny, ya see TMF has even blocked out the website I posted. Call me bud ill get ya there. 910-549-5956. Ask for Ryan
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