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    chat down again?
    It wont let me past the login screen....says connecting...........authorizing..........and gets stuck there........

    just so you know
    mick......how you doing buddy......is the chat server down tonight?....or is it just my internet connection...
    Hello Mick, Just wanted to say hi and a big thankyou. Have enjoyed chatting with you on chat. I have learned a lot about cleaning and a lot about life in general from you (wink wink). I hope to continue to grow from our conversations. Enjoy the day. wayne aka spotman
    Ha Ha Mick
    I thought that you were based over the pond until I looked at "About Me"

    Another senior moment, they seem to be gettint more often lately :(

    G'Day Mick
    I guess it is just the same, just that we do it upside down;)

    I will be coming over to the US in 3 weeks time to see family in Sacramento and Chicago, we will be there for 5 weeks in all.

    Just having my winter break before the preverbal hits the fan in our busy time:bigsmiley:


    Looking for some one that cares. The profanity and personal insults is wearing thin on many members . I once thought this was the best forum for gathering info for old and new carpet cleaners. From all the views compared to posts many of us are ignoring these insults etc. written by Alex and Rich.
    The threads with the first "Porty shootout" and "the hippo saves the day" is nothing but degrading to many members.
    Both these Gentleman do not have an complete profile . They hide behind their MaMa throwing out accusations and insults. Children not men.
    Sorry to rant but Rob seems to ignore my E-mail as well as other posts with the same concerns.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns
    Hey Mick, I just published my new Facebook Page. Nothing much on the wall yet, but I plan on few quickie info articles soon. The Page name is Green Eagle, Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning. Go check it out, you can become my first fan.
    Hey Mick, just saying HELLO and hope everything is going good over there in Australia my friend!

    Take care! :)
    got a good one for you, feel free to post it off topic!!
    Hung Chow calls into work and says, "Hey I no come work today, I really sick. Got Headache, stomach ache and
    legs hurt, I no come work."
    The boss says, "You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That Makes everything better and I go to work....You try that'
    Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. 'I do what you say and i feel great. I be at work soon.... You got nice house!"
    If you ordered a dry pro water vac from jon don you need to call them...... They are redesigning the bottom palte and have said they are sending them out for free to whomever bought them
    Gooday Mick,
    I thought I would have another look at TMF...looks good. I will give you a buzz soon and catch up.
    Ian Starr
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