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    Spark Plugs and Engine Conditions

    I wish, I was able to read this thread. I could've avoided buying a new spark plug for my Jeep Cherokee I will do this to my newly bought.
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    White marks on vinyl

    you can clean that using a water and a little bit of soap.
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    Commercial Truck Washing- What would you charge?

    100/ truck will do. As for the PSI you can settle between this range 1200 – 1900 PSI.
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    Rug cleaning recommendation for the Houston, TX area

    Hey Andy, Try contacting cyrus artisan rugs They have a cleaning services if my memory serves me right. Anyways, Just google cleaning services on Google.
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    Learning the rug game.

    You've done great :D cleaning that peed rug. Have you experienced handling this kind of rug ? I have a friend of mine that has this rug and it has smoke stains on it. What are your recommendations?
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    FB Can someone explain to me what is low moisture...

    The Low Moisture cleaning method uses cleaning compounds. ... The dirt that still remains in the carpet can be extracted by using encapsulating cleaning agents. It is a very effective method of carpet cleaning. The cleaning agent encapsulates the dirt and the soil while the carpet is agitated...
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    How did you come up with your business name?

    Create a name that is relevant to the business you are putting up.