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  • Noticed you have not been on here for awhile, is the business going ok or are you too busy for us. Just checking in on you, if you need anything let us know.
    Hey Bud, I talked with Locko and he said that glide will not fit an AW wand, he said it's for a wespak 0530, sorry
    How's it going buddy..I was just following up from your post a while back and wanted to know how your company is coming along ? Good luck
    Hey Marlon, I just wanted to congratulate you for finally getting your site up and running. I'm just starting as well, and I am in the process of creating my website as we speak. I understand how difficult this whole startup can be seing as how I've been in startup mode now for a few years. I wish you much success and prosperity.
    Hey bud, Now that you are set up and running, what is your phone number? I sometimes get calls thats down your way that I normal pass up because of the driving distance that I would be to passover to ya.
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