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    Advice on cleaning LVP

    Geez.....does anybody actually moderate this site. It really takes 3 days for a comment to be approved/displayed?!
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    Advice on cleaning LVP

    I have a customer with a powersports showroom and I'm pretty sure the floor is LVP. It has tire marks and areas around desks that are extremely worn by chairs rolling on them. The owner wants the floor cleaned and wants it to shine. He requested waxing it but my understanding is it is not...
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    Proteam Proforce troubleshooting thread.

    I have a similar issue with a proteam perforce 1500 vacuum. The vacuum motor turns on and it will vacuum through the hose, but the brush motor will not turn. Belt is good. I've swapped in a known good, switch, circuit breaker, circuit board. And I've swapped in 5 different motors - highly...