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    Diamond Products GTRX High Pressure Pump Upgrade Options?

    I have the Same fu%*ing problem. Mine GTXR+ is leaking as well. I only have little over 100 hours. Not a happy camper. I'm calling Janitors closet after the memorial day weekend. Hydramaster support is useless. they don't answer the phone. all voice male.
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    New Tm Hours?

    So I just got a new Diamond TM GTXR Plus and on the day of pick up it already had 17 hours on it? It was running when I arrived to pick up my van and when I mention it to the install tech he said ths was normal? Did I just get sold a used TM?
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    Lowest profile tile wand today in 2020?

    So I've been using the sx-12 for years but she needs to retire and she's just a little too tall to get under some of those cabinets. I heard Mytee has lower profile but has some "lifting" off the floor issues if going under tables etc. how about HF's tile wand or maybe some type of knock off.
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    Grout Coloring

    Is that Price including the alkyd and acid wash? or do you charge additional per pass?
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    If you're not color sealing, you're missing out on easy $ and ecstatic customers

    Guess im missing out on the quick cash, but here's why.. I can't tell you how many times I go to clean some grout for a customer and BOOM! the color sealer they didn't know / forgot they had gets blown away.
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    Tile and Grout cleaning and removing wax

    WAX? What type of wax would you even use and why would they do that?
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    Looking to get a new 370ss

    Any advice? How quiet is it? I do a lot of Tile and grout cleaning and restaurants.
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    Water residue???

    Yup! That was my problem! Too fast. Everything buffed out with no problem.
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    Water residue???

    So I've been noticing lately im getting a slight residue or halo in some areas that are cleaned and now I got my first complaint about it! usually it will buff out with a towel. Time to take a serious look into the issue. At first i just thought it was just some hard water residue... BUT, I...
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    Torn Between Orbot or Brush Pro

    I'm really torn on either purchasing the Orbot Vibe or the Brush Pro (not the TM model) I do a lot of tile & grout, but I'm going to expand into the commercial carpet cleaning. I think the BP would be great for Pile lifting and pit washing. the Orbot seems way more versatile. I know one is more...
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    Understanding PH

    So we just watched an entire video , well 95%, on how to use a PH Pen. there is sooo much you missed. I do appreciate the video but 7.1 IS NOT Neutral for every .1 increases the PH by a factor of 10. or is it 100??? lol
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    Florida air duct cleaning.

    It has been brought to my attention that in the state of Florida. YOU CAN'T clean air ducts unless you have a hvac license.
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    Questions on how to handle being sub contacting company.

    Hello, I received a email from a national cleaning company today. They would like my company to place a bid for cleaning several establishment for another company they have an account with in my area . Im looking at @ 5k for this job. Usually I'm reluctant to sub contract, but things have...
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    Rug ruffle cleaning suggestions

    Yes. they are called fringes. not ruffles.. that's a potato chip! LOL