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    Granite Sink Polishing Tool

    I wouldn't advise you to use polisher or other methods by yourself. It is better to address the specialists. Such surfaces are fragile, and if you have no experience. You can damage it so that there will be no chance to restore it. It is not a granite countertop that is straight and thick enough...
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    Upholstery cleaning price

    Indeed, $35 a section sound well and clients settle for your services faster at such a price
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    Looking for tool that attaches to vacuum hose.

    You can ask at car wash, they have similar one
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    Auto Scrubbers

    Absolutely agree with you!
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    Window cleaning and winter?

    Honestly, I don't clean windows in winter at all.
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    Had a good laugh today

    It is very important to explain to your customer everything in detail. you explain absolutely everything to her. Indeed, she doesn't work with it and she needs information. You made all right
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    Any SEO tips to rank my new website?

    Honestly, I think that usual advertisement on the social networks works better than seo
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    Upholstery cleaning price

    Your tables are great! I love a lot of such design
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    How was your March?

    Thank the Lord! we all are healthy
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    Floor Sanding & Floor Refinishing - Solvent Sealer

    I understand so, much. Indeed, I often met clients who stuck in the past and don't even have a clue about modern innovations and technologies. Some years ago I ordered a Makita orbital and it is really perfect in the work. Really, the surface became perfectly smooth in minutes. To tell the...