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    Shipping a box truck

    Both times I have shipped mine I ended up paying an employee to drive it and flew them back. The costs of shipping an “oversized vehicle” or anything that wasn’t a car was ridiculous.
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    What’s your carpet cleaning pet peeve?

    I have two really big ones. If a customer “pre treats their “spots” or “dirty areas of the carpet” I normally walk on the job. The other one is I have pretty clear limits on furniture I move. One of the things that I won’t move are beds. I broke a bed frame once and I’m never doing that again...
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    Adding chemical injection to a truckmount

    It’s a old cds 4.8 that had the system removed along with the water box bypassed
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    Adding chemical injection to a truckmount

    I currently have a truckmount that does not have a chemical injection system and I’m looking to add one any recommendations or tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Let's talk about Aerotech Carpet Cleaning Truckmounts

    They are built for large production setups. Being able to run multiple zipper wands/tile spinners/high flow wands at 250 degrees is the feat of their heating set up and even multiple fuel fired burners would be nessary to keep up
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    Self employed vs being employed

    I prefer working for someone else. I can be a good cleaner and trainer and not get distracted by so many things. At a large company running crews you can still make ~80k-90k not as much as a very successful O/O but nothing to scoff at.
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    JGB Eaglewash solution hose, any good?

    Have 900 feet of it on 3 trucks. I like it no bursts or anything wipes off easy. No issuse
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    Restaurant day!

    I like Siager sauce code red w/g-force booster for restaurants. Almost never have to scrub. I hear all the time that restaurants don’t pay well but I have not had that experience. I almost always clear 175 hr. Doing them. The most important thing is heat if you arnt hitting 220-240 at the wand...
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    Restaurant day!

    Is there anything more satisfying as cleaning restaurants!
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    Need Help On Stubborn Carpet

    I do agree with the moisture comments from above but happens all the time here in Minneapolis from all the snow and salt that gets dragged in. Generally the only way I can get that taken care of is take a super super long time with a rotovac 360 and go over it multiple times and dry it as fast...
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    keeping van warm inside

    As an idiot that lives in Minneapolis minnesota with an uninsalated Van. I just put two fan type space heaters on two circuits. And 3 if it’s below 0. This is when I am running the cimex or a portable. When I’m home I have a heated garage but I still put a space heater in it Incase the gas...
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    Boxxer 421 fresh water invading my waste tank help

    That can happen when ever your tank gets full. Might also be worth descaling your machine before you take anything apart.
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    Excellent Carpet cleaning Service in London

    Basically all carpet cleaners here but really great pitch sir!
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    Shout out to Chem-Tex

    I appreciate a burner and on my personal truck I have mine plumbed in with a little giant after the heat exchanger but it’s not practical to do in a fleet environment
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    Shout out to Chem-Tex

    Unfortunately the guy that owns the company I work for orders the cds’s With out the salsa units so we are lucky to see 160-170 at the truck. I do have it hooked up to a HydraMaster dumptank(not sure if that makes a huge difference.) I took it out for the second time today honestly I think I...