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    How would you have handled this call?

    Get some lipstick on and and assume the position...I'd actually walk and fast...
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    Spinner Tools

    Still, stills sucks where the tool doesn't suck well...especially with brush rings and plastic... Turbo Hybrid key ingredients are Vacuum Compensator and Teflon Ring...
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    Spinner Tools

    Do you know what makes sx12 or sx15 a problem? The vacuum and the "non" Teflon ring...using the brush you say? Cut your time in half with the Teflon ring only (especially on ceramic and porcelain tile) In 10,000 jobs @ approximately 1000 square feet of tile my average time setup to breakdown is...
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    Blue Carlisle Grout Brushes FYI

    Personally I have been cleaning tile and grout (no other services offered) for over 20 years...10,000 jobs...when it comes to nylon brushes...Blue Carlisle is best especially in 3/8" to thin grout joints and along edges of baseboards and kick boards and more...when it comes to steel wire...
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    Blue Carlisle Grout Brushes FYI

    Ya alright...
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    Blue Carlisle Grout Brushes FYI

    If you're buying IMHO the best grout brush for the job, don't spend $25 a piece for these brushes when Amazon sells an entire carton (12) of them for $135 delivered...
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    The new TMF Profire and Starfire Truckmounts! (Vids included)

    I thought we were going to make a unit for the 21st century that was smaller and twice as powerful...This is old school heavy and large...Steam Action Unit/El Diablo...Nice to see someone is trying, however, Hydramaster and others I think are more practical setups...IMHO I think you 2 are great...
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    That valve has a patent...
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    I think Mark Markovich is your best contact...(If you like to talk)
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    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    Turbo Hybrid (NO Brush Ring) Over 10,000 jobs with this tool...The key to this tool is 1: Vacuum compensator 2. Teflon Ring I have tried others but this one always wins! 1000-1500 square feet in 1 hour! It's that simple!
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    Penguin 5 gal cordless sprayer

    Swinging a mop is no fun and unprofessional...with that being said do what makes you [emoji2]
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    Spinner marks on tile.

    17” floor and black pad
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    Grout won’t clean!!!

    Who knows what’s happened? Your clients forget what they did, and lie as well...there are so many different scenarios of what could, would and should happen...consistent even tile and grout cleaning is not a guarantee...prepare your clients before you start your job. That looks like a commercial...
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    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    Version 8 will be